Fitness for teenage girls

teenagerGirls 8 years and older, the fitness exercise for you! Cute teenager Jesse Lipke, who from an early age to be a healthy way of life and daily trains will exercise for weight loss for teens.

 Exercise for teenager

If you want to lose weight or simply to have a beautiful figure, do these exercises 3-6 times a week. And after a month you will see a sea change! Three friends will envy you, and the boys will not be able to pass.


Girls, do not wait until you grow up and become adult women! Begin to engage in fitness right now, taking the example of Jesse Lipke. While her teenage friends spent their time watching TV, playing video games and eating fast food, Jesse Lipke guidance of their parents (her father – a doctor and trainer, and mother – dietitian), coaches, gymnastics, Pilates, dance, and other fitness professionals every day worked and ate only fresh whole foods that contain high-quality protein, healthy carbohydrates and “right” fats ( how to eat by doing fitness ).

Now the 10-year-old Jesse Lipke itself is a fitness program for teens, designed by her father, a professional trainer and doctor.

This fitness workout will take you only 20 minutes of time. It begins with a warm-up , followed by cardio exercise necessary for weight loss always follow them, they are very well burn fat!. Then you do strength exercises to give your muscles a terrific shape, and finish stretching.

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