Fat Burning Diet

dietDo you have fat accumulated where they should not? It is possible to free yourself of them if you take a balanced diet, combine with exercise and you help with substances called “fat-burning“.

You’ve probably heard that certain foods have fat-burning properties. This theory is based on the theory established by Dr. Neal D. Bernard and possesses the heat effect “negative”, meaning that the body uses more energy to digest than they give it.

O that is, if 40 g of celery provides 7 calories and body 30 used in the work of digestion, the energy represented by this last operation is higher than the calories reach the body through that amount of food.

According to Dr. Amparo Martinez explains who is responsible for the endocrinology department Medical Institute of Madrid, the basis of this theory is questionable from a nutritional standpoint.

“Yes there are substances most of the plants, which can actively participate in the processes of digestion, stimulating the movement of the stomach or increasing satiety, and kidney, facilitating the removal of liquids or intervening in metabolic processes such as the of glucose or thyroid. In this sense they can be effective at losing weight, but always accompanied by a calorie controlled diet. “

Among the popularly known as fat-burning substances are those that are part of “the artichoke, pineapple or papaya.”

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