Exercise is the key to vital health

vital healthExercise and an active lifestyle are vital to health. There are many options for exercise and almost all the most important function is to do. Continue down. If you want to exercise to stay healthy and control your weight with 30 minutes a day is enough. Another option is to walk 10,000 steps a day to buy a pedometer to measure them.

 If you want to lose weight you need to exercise more during the week.

If a long time that you do not exercise or have health problem starts at short and light exercise but the key is to work hard every day a little more.

Intensity slimming

The key to exercise to lose weight is “intensity.” Time constraints If you choose an activity that requires intense as running, boxing, spinning and the likes. If you choose an exercise like walking slowly to get good results is preferable to relax and do nothing but help you lose weight difficult.


Avoid injury

Avoid trying to become a athlete overnight. This is the reason why many people are causing injuries and dropouts. Start small challenging you every day to do more. Read Exercise and Injuries



Do not choose the most expensive gym or fashionable, choose the most convenient



1 – If you want flat abs to burn fat in this area and for this we must eat less and exercise not only Cardio vascular ABS.


2 – There are exercises that can increase certain muscles a bit like the buttocks and others that can tone specific body parts, but there is no exercise to burn fat in specific areas.



1 – Observe the recommendations of the experts: make warming up and stretching before the end. Warming up prevents injury, stretching prevents injury, pain and relaxes muscles.


2 – Listen to your body. If you have health problems, consult your physician before starting and if possible buy a heart monitor.


3 – If you try to take some classes with a personal trainer at first to learn to do the exercises.


Seize the time

Lack of time is one of the most common excuses for not exercising. So if you’re going to do that every minute and every exercise count. Concentrate and do the exercises well paying attention to the muscles, breathing and listening to your body.


Try to exercise at the same time but always keep the flexibility to vary the duration. If you set out to do 40 minutes and only have 10 available one day have 10 instead of doing nothing?

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