Duration of sleep affects weight loss men and women differently

Weight loseIn a new study suggests that an increase in sleep time leads to a decrease in food intake, but the hormonal processes associated with it occur in the body of women and men differently.

Restricting sleep in healthy subjects with normal weight in some way affects the metabolic risk factors differently affecting the hormones that regulate food intake in human.

In the study, the results of which were published in the November issue of the journal sleep, tracked the duration of sleep deregulation of glucose and hormonal regulation of appetite in 27 people with normal weight at the age of 30 to 45 years.

At participants of, blood was taken an empty stomach and studied the in two situations: its lack of sleep (4 hours) and a normal (9 hours). If short sleep increased total gherkin levels in men but no in female, and down levels of GLP-1 in female but not in men. These results suggest that the total exposure at a shortened sleep overeating associated with increased appetite and decreased in men in women feeling of satiety.

Our results point to the complexity of the relationships between sleep duration and the regulation of power stability, The state of energy balance, a person gains weight or loses depends on the metabolic and hormonal responses to sleep restriction.”

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