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slimWhile the bread is healthy and essential in the diet, some people just refuse to eat and this is because of the false beliefs … Let’s see which of these beliefs are true and which are false.

For thousands of years, bread and cereals have been the staple food of the people. Nutritionally is valuable but our customs have undergone many myths:

 Whole wheat bread is less fattening.

This is completely false, both the bread as white bread provide the same amount of calories are 258 kcal / g of white bread and 238 kcal / g of bread. What is certain is that the bread has fiber and thus helps regulate the bowel and makes it more satiating hunger and so take longer to appear.

Not all breads are sold as whole are.

This is true as to be considered as an integral bread must contain at least 75% bran flour original integral. What happens is that manufacturers only put a small amount of flour saved the original, comprehensive call.

The crumb fattening than the cortex.

Both the crust and the crumb belong to the same food and therefore have the same number of calories, so this is false. What happens is that when the bread is baked crust dehydrates and loses water.

The bread is fattening.

This is a complete and total fallacy. Without doubt this is the most common myth associated with the bread and the culprit is not consumed as it should. No food has the ability to make you gain or lose weight by itself, therefore, if we eat bread in moderation and in proportion to the physical activity we have, does not have to make us fat. Also, do not forget that bread has a very moderate caloric it contains little fat and satiated much.

In fact, in a study conducted in Madrid showed that children eat more bread than any adult and they suffer less obesity and overweight. Keep in mind that what faith is often not the bread but how we accompany as sausages, cheese, butter, jam, nutella, etc. … And all these foods do contain a lot of calories.

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