10 tips for lose weight

10 weight lose tipsSometimes, to lose weight, we need to change not only what we eat but how we eat. 10 simple tips below can help you automatically lose weight.

1. Chew up slowly

As a rule, we do not realize how fast we eat. Most of us eat quickly on the go, in the car, during a break at work. It has become so commonplace that we cannot stop, even after returning home. If you have the opportunity to eat at leisure, to do so. When you chew slowly, your digestive system is able to work properly, you can enjoy the food, and he felt saturation, most stop.

2. Hunger color

Did you know that certain colors can affect your appetite? For example, if you eat a dish of red, you can actually eat more than if you were eating out of a dark liquid. The color of your kitchen can also affect the amount of food eaten. The walls are red, orange or yellow can stimulate the appetite (have you ever noticed how brightly painted walls in your favorite fast food eatery?) Consider switching to a cool color, such as blue or mint color.

3. Alleviate stress before lunch

Before you sit down for dinner, take a minute to take a deep breath, listen to your favorite soothing music, or a leisurely stroll. When eating in a more relaxed state, you will render a service to themselves and their digestive system. The stress has to overeating, so a little rest before a meal will help you to better understand when to stop.

4. Drink the Water

Instead of soda drink before eating a big glass of cold water. It may help you to mute the hunger and keep from overeating. In addition, the cold water is a little spur your metabolism.

5. Do not linger at the table

Immediately after a meal with the rest a different room. The dishes can wait. Switch to the moment: read a newspaper or cuddle your dog. This will be a signal that you are completely finished with the meal. Left on the table to view the paper or the conversation, you might be tempted to eat up what’s left on the table or clean up a plate for your child.

6. Do one thing

Make it a rule not to do anything else while eating: do not read the magazine, do not watch TV. Otherwise it will be difficult to control how much you eat, and you can hardly notice that it is filled.

Also, do something while eating can become a habit, for example, every time you watch TV, you automatically reach for a snack. Watching your favorite TV program, which would be a treat without the calories, in this case, can lead to weight gain.

7. Eating – a place

Try to eat only at the kitchen or dining room table. You will eat less (and less) if not allow yourself to eat in extra places, for example in the living room.

8. Take a smaller plate

Using smaller dishes can really help you to eat less. Studies have shown that even experts in the field of food consumed more food when eating out of large plates. Even if they did not notice that you have eaten more than that to say about you and me? Try to eat a small plate of hot, then your portions may also decrease.

9. To begin with – soup and bacon

Before proceeding to the main course, eat a small portion of soup broth or vegetable salad. If you are very hungry, eat both. A bowl of soup will reduce the severity of your appetite, and fiber-rich vegetables will fill the stomach and help you eat less.

10. Steer clear of supplements

Even if you know you are likely to eat two portions of some dishes (such as bread) – put on your plate is only one slice. If you have to stop and think before you get the supplement, most likely, you will try to do without it. If it is already on your plate, you’re certain it will eat.

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