World famous Chinese diet

weight lossChinese diet is common among women who want to say goodbye to excess weight in a short period of time. The name “Chinese diet” is deceptive – this diet does not include any traditional Chinese dishes.

weight loss
This diet is designed for women who are ready to radical measures to combat excess weight. Stiff and hungry Chinese diet requires significant willpower. With diet in Chinese you can lose weight by 5-10 pounds. The trick is that the products are intended for the Chinese diets are low calorie. Unfortunately, this can lead to the fact that throughout the diet, you will experience an obsessive hunger.

Duration Chinese diet may be 13 days and 21. Chinese diet for 13 days gets rid of 5-10 extra pounds. During these days there is a reduction of weight, visually reduce thighs, abdomen, buttocks. Chinese diet for 21 days were in addition the previous version of the diet. Only the last 8 days is fixing the result.

Chinese diet menu
1 week. First week of dieting can seem very complicated. During this period of time there is rejection of the basic, the meals and the transition to a low-calorie diet. However, the 6-7 day diet the body usually gets used to the new diet, and the diet begins to flow more easily.

Breakfast is the first week of Chinese diet starts with black coffee or green tea. Incidentally, green tea – is the only product of Chinese cuisine, which is contained in this diet. Nothing, except for one of the two drinks for breakfast eat impossible.

At lunch you can prepare a salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, boiled eggs, tomato juice. Another dining option Chinese diet may consist of the following dishes fried ,fish and coleslaw. Also, fish can replace boiled chicken, vegetables – apples or other fruits.

For dinner, you can eat boiled beef and cabbage salad, or cooked fish and yogurt. Salad of carrots, apples, eggs – also suitable for dinner.Week 2. Menu second week almost duplicates the menu first. There are only a few changes:-
allowed to use for breakfast biscuits, honey and boiled carrots;
At lunch you can eat cereal, cooked in water .The number of used products can be increased.

Week 3. Third week is the adapter. At this time, a diet supplemented with many foods and dishes. Permitted the use of vegetable stew, all fruits and vegetables in any form, lean meat. The third week of the Chinese diet is designed for smooth, gradual transition from a diet to a regular diet.

During the period of Chinese diet completely eliminated from the diet of bread, alcohol, sugar and salt.There are enthusiastic and disappointed reviews of 13 Chinese daily diet. In some women the effect exceeded expectations, others could not get rid of even 5 pounds.

Among the reviews of the Chinese diet for 3 weeks mainly dominated by the positive. Chinese diet for 21 days is more effective for weight loss because it helps to not only lose weight but also to balance the power. The human body only three weeks to adjust to a new diet and wean itself from harmful products. Upon completion of the Chinese diet, most importantly, to control myself and do not overeat. The ability to give up bad foods and products to prevent not only the appearance of excess weight, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

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