What is the amount of fiber needed in day?

dietA balanced diet requires that every day we give your body a 25-35 grams of fiber.
List 5 products champions on the content of fiber, which is essential in the diet for weight loss;
avocado (1 medium size) – 11.84 grams;
wholegrain wheat (1 cup) – 19.9 grams;
red (Mexican) beans (1 cup) – 13.3 grams;
boiled red lentils (1 cup) – 15.6 grams;
oats (1 cup) – 12 grams.

Diet on cellulose industrial production
Those who want to lose weight can also carry out a diet to Siberia tissue. This is – ready to use product with no chemical additives. Its basis is the fiber cereal, to which a plant fiber fruits or berries. The use of fiber in Siberia during the day is not limited. This diet is good and that it has a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Along with anthrax, the sale is fiber wheat – which is also designed for weight loss. In this case, too, is a natural product, which adds a variety of herbs, nuts, berries and fruit.

Listed diets based on the fact that the finished fiber (3-4 tablespoons) dissolved in a glass of any liquid (milk, broths, teas, juices) and is used for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
The following:
Eat fiber for breakfast – it is important for weight loss. Studies suggest that after a high fiber breakfast, we eat 175 calories less at our next meal.
Scientists at Oxford University found that women, who followed a diet high in fiber, have an average body mass index equal to 21.98. While those women who eat a diet of meat and not very rich fiber, has an index of 23.52.
Do not go to a diet high in fiber dramatically. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and have noticed that after the use of fiber discomfort – such as diarrhea, bloating, and heartburn sensation, increase fiber intake gradually reception, adding to your diet for an additional 5 grams each week.
Too high content of fiber in your diet can cause bloating, nausea and abdominal pain. However, to get hold of this kind of problem, the use of fiber should not exceed 45 grams per day. In any case, the water reduces these unwanted symptoms.

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