Three simple exercises daily for body shape

simple exercises for shapeGood health especially in winter, it is essential to maintain his body and mind. A healthy body can indeed best to combat viruses and viral diseases. So here are 3 simple exercises daily to keep in shape at all times and very easy to make.


Three small daily exercises to keep fit are within the reach of all. Easy and simple to make, these exercises are ideal to properly maintain his body but also his mind while actively fighting against diseases. It is essential to exercise regularly to maintain her body and be comfortable in his skin


Exercise # 1

This first exercise will help to work the thighs and buttocks, but also arms. Must be positioned with the heels sitting under the buttocks. The arms should be stretched backwards, clasping her hands. Just breathe while dating her arms upward. It is important to remain anchored to the ground to get it working the thighs. This little exercise is to do every day.


Exercise # 2

The second exercise is to work the abdominals and legs. The back should be flat on the ground, legs raised slightly bent and arms outstretched. Just slightly raise her pelvis while keeping the same posture for about one second. This exercise is done with 5 sets of 6.


Exercise # 3

This exercise will be used to keep the flexibility of the hips. On the back with arms outstretched, legs are raised and tight. Just down the legs and pulling back on the heels. It is possible to do 2 sets of 20

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