The Swedish Diet

DietThe Swedish Diet is a unique way to lose weight on a balanced, well appropriate diet, moreover, very quickly one week you can lose out by seven pounds, and that’s without hunger and other troubles. However, the method is not good for thin persons, which weigh about 50 kg, and for women weighing more than 65-70 kg.

Standard number of foods – three a day. The gap between the meals you set for yourself, but the best he was the same.

The first day
Breakfast: Buckwheat with milk or a glass of milk separately.
Dinner: 100 g low-fat cheese,, a glass of milk.
Dinner. 3 baked potatoes, salad with 200 grams of boiled beets and sour cream, a piece of rye bread.

The second day
Breakfast: Buckwheat with milk or separated from buckwheat to drink a glass of milk.
Dinner. 2 potatoes in their skins, 250 g boiled fish, salad of greens with oil.
Dinner: Serve coleslaw, onion and olive oil, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, a glass of 2.5% fat milk.

The third day
Breakfast. Glass of milk, a sandwich of bread and cheese.
Dinner: 250 g chicken, a salad of fresh vegetables, a glass of apple juice.
Dinner: Mashed potatoes with cheese crust, a piece of rye bread, a glass of milk.

The fourth day
Breakfast. Glass of apple juice, 2 toast, dried on a dry frying pan.
Dinner: Piece of boiled meat with buckwheat, a large apple.
Dinner: Few boiled rice, a salad of tomato and onion, a cup of milk.

The fifth day
Breakfast: Orange and glass of yogurt.
Dinner. Cutlet with mashed potatoes and tea.
Dinner. Orange, any fruit, a glass of apple juice.

The sixth day
Breakfast: Buckwheat with milk.
Dinner. Baked potato and a bit of cooked meat, a small apple and an orange.
Dinner. Few boiled rice, cucumber salad, cabbage and onions.

The seventh day
Breakfast. Little boiled rice and a glass of warm milk.
Dinner. Baked potato and middle portions of any fish, an apple, an orange, a glass of orange juice.
Dinner. Beef steak, vegetable salad , an apple, a piece of rye bread, a glass of apple juice.

Ideally, the food should be the same on each day. Hours of eating better distribute evenly, for example, breakfast at 9:00, lunch at 13:30 and dinner – at 18:00. Items that are prohibited in the diet – all of which are not specified in the diet.

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