The Star Diet

DietThe amount of blood sugar is key to the ups and downs of weight. And it is crucial to mood swings, which many triggers for cravings.

The diet of asterisks seeking to balance food intake, anticipating the behavior they have on the rise or fall of blood glucose as a substantial increase in blood sugar results in that it is accumulated as fat .

Diet is the key to balance protein, fat and carbohydrates, which is achieved by a suitable combination of different nutrients in order to obtain the proper hormonal response.

This diet is tailored to the individual needs of each person, their tastes and preferences, your lifestyle. And the best part is that you can enjoy a variety of foods and achieve an ideal weight without sacrifice.

The asterisks diet is based on the glycemic index of food, which measures the speed at which they reach the blood sugars. When sugars or carbohydrates reach the blood at high speed, the body increases the production of insulin, a hormone that ends storage for storing excess sugars as fat and reduces the availability of sugar for brain function.

To that sugar can get into the blood slowly and remain stable requires a proper proportion of protein, fat and fiber. The low glycemic index foods are those that carry the sugar slowly into the blood and these include fruits and vegetables having high fiber delay sugar absorption in the intestine.

The high glycerine content, however, rapidly wear the blood sugar, which makes it is stored as fat and here are proteins and fats.

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