The Russian stars lose weight

dietRussian nutritionists was invented a special diet, which allows to lose weight and it does not limit the use of such ancient Russian dishes like hash, cabbage, salad and others. And the secret Russian diet is to avoid harmful products.

Russian diet is the elimination from the diet of simple carbohydrates, fats and sugar. They should be replaced soups, salads and low-fat boiled meat. To the diet is necessary to refuse sweet, flour and high-calorie foods. The use of salt and spices are also extremely desirable. The duration of the Russian diet can range from three weeks to two months.

We would also like to say how the Russian stars lose weight, because we all know diets such as the Russian star Larisa Dolina, Irina Allegrova and Lolita. All these diets often are copyrighted diet program that helped these stars to return harmony of forms. However, most often the case that the one diet that helped a Russian star, has no effect on other losing weight, because it was designed with the individual characteristics of the individual.

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