The Mexican diet

weight lossMexican diet – it is a very simple and affordable way to only 4 days to get rid of a few extra pounds. The secret of this diet is simple – all the days of the diet you have to eat a limited set of products in very small quantities. Particularly hard on first 2 days of the Mexican diet.

As mentioned above, the Mexican diet is designed for 4 days, but these days you have a chance to become better at 2-3 pounds. Really, diet rather meager – eggs, oranges, prunes, vegetables, coffee. That’s why nutritionists recommend repeating the Mexican diet is not more than once a month. Let us consider the menu of this diet.

Morning of the first day of the diet should start with one egg and half an orange or grapefruit. Breakfast can drink black coffee without sugar. For lunch, eat 7 large prunes. Dinner, like breakfast consists of eggs and half an orange and grapefruit.

The second day of the Mexican diet begins with a cup of black coffee without sugar and a few slices of low-fat cheese. For lunch, you can eat two eggs and grapefruit. Dinner consists of a cup of nonfat yogurt and any fruit except bananas.

A cup of strong black tea – that’s what you can expect from breakfast the day before the Mexican diet. Somewhat better fed lunch – salad with vegetables and a few pieces of cheese. For dinner, drink a glass of milk.

On the fourth day, you can treat yourself to oatmeal or cereal with juice or milk for breakfast. Lunch consists of a vegetable salad and an egg, and for dinner you can eat two oranges or grapefruit.Despite the severity of the Mexican diet, as it can find a lot of rave reviews.

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