The Mediterranean diet

weight lose and dietMediterranean diet has been known for more than 60 years ago. In the 50 years of the last century, the popularity of the diet was extremely high, especially among the people of France. To date, because of the abundance of a variety of diets, the Mediterranean diet fame was not so bright. However, many modern nutritionists say that this diet is one of the most effective and useful.

The Mediterranean diet is effective not only for weight loss, it can help to rejuvenate the body, to prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, and simply healthier. Official medicine associates these properties Mediterranean diet because it is based on the use of olive oil and seafood.

Unified and specified duration Mediterranean diet does not exist. It can last from a few days to a few months; it all depends on how many pounds you want to lose weight.

Mediterranean Diet Menu
There are many recipes of the Mediterranean diet, for they are based can take Mediterranean cuisine, or adapt them to your own favorite recipes. Below are the basic requirements for the preparation of the menu of the Mediterranean diet:
Daily consumption of vegetables. Vegetables are considered the key to health and human activity. In accordance with the Mediterranean diet can be used to kilograms of fresh vegetables daily. As often as possible should be used: eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and carrots, cabbage and peppers. The only exception is potatoes. Individual attitude of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean to the olives, as they are considered to be extremely useful. Eating olives Mediterranean diet is not limited;
Regular consumption of carbohydrates. Mediterranean diet, also called “macaroni diet.” Unlike many other food systems, which limit the use of flour, the Mediterranean diet insists on the opposite. Whole-wheat pasta is considered very useful, and without them achieve the desired effect of the diet will fail;
Use of proteins. According to the Mediterranean diet, you should regularly eat seafood and lean meat. Permitted limited use of eggs – no more than four units a week. Also, in small amounts can have dairy products – yogurt, kefir, yogurt?
Strict diet. Allowed the use of carbohydrates for breakfast only. For the day, the food has time to digest and assimilate. Dinner should be light – vegetables, a small amount of protein products. The lunch menu can contain any valid options. The Mediterranean diet is passed easily, you can make up the menu for the week. This is much easier than the daily puzzle over what to cook;
While the Mediterranean diet should be excluded from the use of cheese, foods containing refined carbohydrates, sugar and salt.

Judging by the reviews of the Mediterranean diet and the recommendations of physicians, this diet is easy to carry and suitable for almost everyone. The only exceptions are those who do not like seafood.

Everyone who wants to lose weight should not be forgotten that the diet cannot completely get rid of extra pounds. In order to achieve the desired result requires an active lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits. Only in this case can be a significant loss of excess weight without causing any harm to the body.

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