The Israeli diet for you

dietThe Israeli diet is registered as severely as in the separate food menu – and, by the way, has a lot of similarities. The rules are pretty simple:-
All types of meat, fish, poultry, and cheese and eggs to eat only green vegetables.

All types of meat, fish and poultry, as well as cheese and eggs are strictly prohibited to combine the milk, potatoes, and any starchy foods, sour cream, any oils and citrus.
Milk and fruit products are incongruous – they eat just by itself, such as a snack or lunch.
Dairy products and fruit juice in this case is the food, so require a separate meal.
As with all diets, you need to give the body a lot of water – a simple, clean drinking water without gas.

This power system is quite logical: we often pass just because we take to fatty meats and heavier, hearty side dish, drink a glass of nutritious juice, and sometimes even flavored dessert. Due to the fact that this diet is given to all new meal – the body will be much easier.
Sample menu for the day

Israel on such a diet can be done even for life – it is quite pleasant and well-balanced. Consider a rough diet menu:
Breakfast. A serving of porridge (buckwheat, oats, etc. of your choice), vegetable salad.
Lunch. Cup of yogurt or fruit.
Dinner. Vegetable soup + salad or serving of meat / poultry / fish + vegetable garnish, tea.
Afternoon tea. Serving of fruit or yogurt.
Dinner. Fruit salad with nuts or serving of cottage cheese with fruit. If you’re hungry – you can eat a piece of fish with a side dish of fresh vegetables.

In some embodiments, the morning offered a drink of olive oil and a glass of buttermilk. If you do not load up this diet, it is possible to afford it. By eating this way, you will slowly and gradually lose weight, and most importantly – the lost pounds will return.

This diet is useful for cleansing the body, as if in a normal state, we often overload the digestive organs indigestible combinations, in this case, the body works easily, without stress, why soon you will feel unprecedented ease. If at first it would seem that the meals are not enough, the stomach will be reduced in the future, and you will feel easy and comfortable.

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