The French diet

weight lossThe streets of Paris flashed shapely legs in boots and slender waist, which seems, can embrace two fingers. French learned in childhood a slender person the right to call herself a woman, and the “woman” in France sounds good! French diet – it is primarily a moderation in eating. Since childhood, the mother put on a plate the girls a little less than they can eat.

About getting to eat up every last crumb and speeches can not be! That is why the French tend to enjoy the food, enjoy every bite. Feel like a French woman, you can use the French diet.

First need to understand the principles on which the French power system:
The menu is dominated by French fresh vegetables and fruits.It was fresh.weight loss
Each food is balanced and varied: many vegetables and grains, a piece of meat or poultry, bread from wheat flour. Only olive oil and real butter. French did not allow himself to spread on bread margarine.
After dinner, treat yourself to dessert. “What kind of diet, which is allowed to desserts?” – You ask. And the secret is that French women do not eat the entire portion, but only half of it.
Of each meal French make a real holiday – beautifully served table, put instruments glasses. They eat slowly, savoring every bite. In this case, you can turn on a light, quiet music. And no food in front of TV!
There is a French prefer home as the only way to control the freshness and quality of products. Safe for the figure they prepare foods at home: meat and fish fry, grilled and garnished with fresh vegetable salad.
Also, they are very careful about their health – no beer and cigarettes, drugs weight loss stimulants. Residents of France often try to walk, get out into nature, breathe fresh air in parks and gardens.

French kidding themselves about the secrets of the success of the French diet like this: “morning cake, afternoon cake and sex in the evening – just sex. If does not work, eliminate flour. “In fact there is a less stringent version of the French diet designed for the week, which helps to lose up to 5 pounds overweight.

French diet menu for 7 days
1 day
For breakfast, you drink only a cup of coffee without sugar.
For lunch, eat a salad of tomatoes, two hard-boiled eggs and leaf lettuce. Salad dressed with nothing.
Dinner consists of boiled beef or chicken (100 g), which is wrapped in lettuce leaves.

2 L den
From morning to coffee without sugar you add a piece of black bread.
For lunch, eat only a piece of boiled beef the size of your palm.
Dinner consists of 100 grams of sliced sausage, and, again, leaves of lettuce.

Day 3
Breakfast is the same as in the second day – unsweetened coffee and a slice of rye bread.
For lunch, prepare a stew of carrots and tomatoes, braised in vegetable oil. For dessert – tangerine.
Dinner consists of salad with two boiled hard-boiled eggs, 100 grams of boiled chicken and lettuce.

Day 4
For breakfast, a customary coffee without sugar and a slice of bread.
At lunch you can eat one grated carrot, boiled egg and two small pieces of cheese.
Dinner – a 3 any fruit (except bananas) and 2 cups of nonfat yogurt.

Day 5
Breakfast consists of grated carrot, which is washed down with freshly squeezed juice of one lemon (can be diluted with water).
For lunch, you eat a slice of lean cooked fish, the size of your palm, with a garnish of tomato.
For dinner – only 100 grams of boiled beef.

Day 6
For breakfast drink only coffee without sugar.
Lunch – rolls of cooked chicken (100 g), and lettuce.
And for dinner again boiled beef in the same amount as in the 5th day.

Day 7
Breakfast consists of green tea without sugar.
Lunch – a piece of boiled chicken the size of your palm and a grapefruit.
For dinner, eat a few slices of sausage.

Adhere strictly to the French diet, grapefruit only to the last, the seventh day, you can optionally be replaced by a large orange. The only way to finish off a mind-blowing results in just a week. No wonder the French diet gets such good reviews and is very popular throughout the world. But after the book by Galina Kalashnikov, “Sabina, on the French diet has become even more fans.

One more thing for those who are planning additions to the family – if you want to conceive a boy, the French diet recommends that in your diet plenty of foods high in potassium and sodium. But on foods high in calcium and magnesium should lean to those who want to give birth to a girl. This diet should be followed for both parents one month before conception, the mother of the future, even after 2 months.

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