The basic rules of supply during sports diet

DietEvery morning, strength training should be carried out. Training with light weights will help speed up your metabolism and give the tone of the body. Before training can not eat anything since morning workout on an empty stomach will burn more calories than evening.
You should not limit yourself too much on food consumption, as in some types of restrictive diets. Since dropping so extra pounds have returned back over the next few months. Should gradually move to a proper diet, and give the body to get used to the new changes.

For example, offers a fitness diet consume no above 1,400 calories a day.
Try to drink plenty of fluids. Water plays an important role in fat burning and muscle protein synthesis. The day is necessary to drink up to three liters of fluid. The water should be aerated, preferably an oxygen-rich, as during intense exercise the body produces the need for life-giving gas. Such water relieves pain and fatigue, normalizes blood pressure.
During the diet is necessary to count calories. You will have to learn to count how many calories you eat and how much you spend. You can use a simple formula:- weight in kilograms multiplied by the number 30. You will get your metabolic rate at rest (ESAF), which is measured in calories (kcal). Some of that you end up with the sum of the number of calories burned during a workout. Then subtract that number from the number of calories eaten per day. If you get a positive number, then the mass is set, if the number is negative – you lose weight. If your result is not satisfactory, so it is necessary, or change the number of calories consumed, or intensity of training.
If you suddenly want to eat something during the diet fatty or sweet, then allow it to myself, but in limited quantities and is extremely rare. It is better to allow yourself a little neglected diet than abandon it altogether.
The basis of sports nutrition has to be the food of plant and animal origin.
Not recommended to eat before a workout, because the products may be difficult to digest. Immediately after exercise also can not have. You need to eat for two hours before a workout, preferably heavy, two after it, so the body up for the costs.

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