Pineapple diet

Fruit dietPineapple fruit – the only fruit that contains the enzyme Brome lain. Thanks to enzymes in the body and are accelerated by chemical processes. They break down protein and stimulate the metabolism and, consequently, improve digestion, and reduce fat stores.

Brome lain for any diet – perfect support, and pineapple its amount approximately to the maximum. That is why the pineapple diet has a lot of great reviews.
Adhering pineapple diet you can lose 4 to 7 pounds overweight in just 5 days.

Using the useful properties of pineapple, you will be slimmer, feel confident in themselves and their attractiveness.
The options presented here pineapple diet is designed for 5 days and close to a sustainable and balanced nutrition. All meals are rich in vitamins and minerals.
Every breakfast pineapple diet contains 200 kcal, between meals – at 100 calories, and lunch and dinner – 300 kcal. In this case, the day you get about 1000 calories, which will allow effortless diet. Also during the day to drink at least 2 liters of fluid. It is desirable, if it is mineral water and herbal teas.

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