Menu handling of the day on buckwheat

buckwheatA day to prepare for the evening. Well, if you have a thermos. If not – does not matter. In the evening before going to bed take a glass of buckwheat, pour it in a thermos or a pan and pour 3.5 cups of boiling water. Close the thermos pot or container and place in a warm place .

In the morning when you wake up, you will already have produced excellent dietary porridge , you can shift into a container and take with you everywhere. It is this buckwheat promotes weight loss. All received the amount you can eat with peace of mind for the day. It is advisable not to add salt and sugar, can be a bit of herbal spices.

Fasting day: buckwheat and kefir

Fasting day on buckwheat and kefir moved quite easily. In this case you can eat per day 2-3 cups 1% yogurt and ½ serving of buckwheat, prepared as described above. You can immediately take half a cup of cereal and fill it with two complete glasses of water.

The algorithm can be any food – you can drink kefir with buckwheat together, make them ‘soup’, first eat the whole buckwheat, and then – the whole yogurt, it’s all up to you. The main thing – do not need to eat more than that.

After the handling of the day?

When your buckwheat fasting day has passed, it is best not to scare the body an abundance of fatty foods: Select vegetable salad, lean meat with a vegetable side dish or cereal and try to eat at least 4 times a day in small portions.

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