Japanese diet

 dietJapanese diet which is very different from other diets. The secret of the Japanese diet unbalanced menu, causing metabolic changes in the body, and the result can be some years not to gain weight while eating as before.

The number of calories expended by the body does not exceed the amount consumed. Acceleration of metabolism is by increasing consumption of calories muscles during dieting, and thus the power consumption will increase. So nutritionists recommend a parallel exercise.

Japanese diet recipe
Japanese Diet – a great tool for weight loss. The duration of the Japanese diet is 13 or 14 days. For each day there is not a special menu, nor the order of days or a diet in any case can not be changed, since the changes in metabolism, which is the essence of the Japanese diet, may not happen. During dieting expected weight loss of up to 8 kg.

During the diet can not drink alcohol do not add salt to food and sugar. Also, do not eat flour products.

The Japanese diet is low-calorie and low-carb, so it is recommended to use multi-vitamins that the body is normal and stress endured it. To prevent fatigue and weakness that may frowned at the end of the diet, you should drink plenty of water, can be mineral or just boiled water.

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