How to increase the ass?

 the assWomen are truly mysterious creatures! Perhaps even the notebook finds beauty in their appearance flaws that urgently need to be corrected. And we are madly susceptible to fashion, but she is a lady totally unpredictable. Then we will show a screen with girls with model looks and the lack of any form, and say that it’s a standard.

And of course, we sit on a diet, trying to sound like a little fashion models. And then, after all views are insured for a huge sum of the “fifth point” J. Lo, want to know how you can quickly increase the ass.

Unfortunately, the question of how to quickly increase ass the size of the priests without surgery, the answer is not found. Because, no matter how much you eat high-calorie foods, and no matter how involved in the gym, to increase the priests would come quickly. At all takes time. So, if you want to know how to increase the ass without surgery, be prepared to work hard.

Of course, you can zoom in the ass as pumped and visually. However, on the beach with such cunning clothing will open.

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