How fast to lose weight in your stomach?

weight loseMany women are looking for the fastest way to lose weight. It is popular that it does not need to indulge in eating. But mysterious do not happen, and to get a beautiful body – to make an effort. We discuss in detail how to make the most beautiful corners of the women body – the stomach.

The most difficult area, which most women are unhappy. The origins of this problem – the fertility beautiful half of humanity to give your child a good protection and cushioning, sides and belly and strive to drag fat at every opportunity. Not only during pregnancy, but also in any other time.It is for this reason women are so difficult to deal with deposits at the waist- they accumulate rapidly, and go to work.

How fast and easy weight loss can only be those who have not scored too many, do not expect the extra weight will melt away before our eyes. For medical weight loss is normal with the “velocity” 2-3 kilograms per month. In all other cases, you can not only harm the health, but also to get ugly sagging skin and perhaps become more beautiful.

An efficient way to lose weight quickly in such a complex area, as the stomach, can be found only if you strictly adhere to complex measures from 1 to 3 months – that is how much time is needed to get a clear and more or less stable result. However, the only way to lose weight quickly and permanently – it all my life to control their diet and physical activity to give the body in any kind.

On the question of what to do in terms of food to lose weight quickly, one answer – to study the system of proper nutrition and use it all the time! The principles are simple. Meat, fish and chicken should be eaten with a side dish of vegetables.
A daily diet should be fruits and vegetables, the more, the better.
There is need 4-5 times a day in small portions Hour after a meal you can not drink, let alone drink tea with dessert
Sweet and nutritious to eat for breakfast and very rare
Drinking 1.5-2 liters of water a day. Dinner at least two to three hours before bedtime. An easy way to lose weight fast: sports.

In this section, many expect to see a list of abdominal exercises. But no, they do not help to get rid of body fat! They help form the muscular frame, and therefore needed in addition to aerobic exercise, which is the main fat burner. This – the load on an elevated pulse a measured running, jumping rope, stepper classes, sports and modern dance, aerobics, step and more.

So, if you are looking for an answer to the question how to lose weight quickly, then you found it. Daily or every other day to give the body aerobic exercise, and not less than 30-40 minutes, because in the first 20 minutes the body uses the calories from the food, and only then proceed to fat stores. You can choose for yourself one thing.
Attendance, aerobics, step, dance (at least 3 hours per week).
Running or jogging in place (at least 30-40 minutes).
Jumping rope or without (three sets of 15 minutes).
Climbing stairs (4-5 sets of 5-6 minutes).

Choose something for yourself, and you will notice how quickly fat disappear on my stomach. Can I lose weight so quickly? Possible, subject to proper nutrition – without fat, sweet, biscuit and fried, and most importantly – without overeating!

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