Greek weight lose diet

health dietGreek weight lose diet is a system of power, which is shared by many residents of Greece. This diet does not just save you from the extra pound, it will allow your health to adjust to the new diet, with which you will feel better happier and healthier.

Unlike other weight loss diets, the Greek diet does not assurance rapid weight loss. Adhering to this diet for a week you can get rid of not many than 2 pounds of weight. But the effect of this diet is shown for a much longer time. Greek diet offers a way of eating, which not only promotes weight loss, and improving performance of the digestive system. Products provided a diet rich in carbohydrates – bread from wheat flour, beans, soy, pasta. For breakfast, allowed a large consumption of food for dinner – leaner.

Greek weight lose diet menu is much like the menu of Mediterranean diet. As both she and the other diets involve eating large amounts of food with low glycemic index – lean meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits. Greek diet requires mandatory use of large amounts of protein with every meal . For breakfast, it could be eggs, cottage cheese or yogurt, for lunch or dinner any meat or fish.

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