Famous Italian diet

Italian foodEverybody knows that the basis of the diet of Italians are delicious, hearty spaghetti with cheese, meat and a many type of sauces, ravioli and, of course, delicious pizza. On top of the Italians derive famous pleasure from both the cooking and on its use. Why, then, Italians are slim?

And the secret of the fact that many of Italians coined vegetables, fruits, dry red wine, olive oil, as well as products made from wheat, meal, giving them not only a slender body, but also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. This principle is based and the Italian diet, which can be rule for life.

Italians do not like in the diet, so the Italian diet is easy and effective. Italian diet is quite effective for weight loss, but rather a recommendation to nutrition. According to this diet is to be slowly, to minimize the amount of canned food and treats, use only.

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