Famous British diet

weight lossAll of us have long well-known how stubborn and obscure English. In matters of diet British dietitians also succeeded, and make-believe a wonderful diet, which helps with lose weight in 20 days, without, expenses too much effort.

The essence of the British diet is simple:- you need to exchange meal every two days. Food alternates as follows:- two days of eating protein, two vegetables of the day. This allows you to freshen up and take care of their health, and those extra pounds will go in English, without saying goodbye!

British diet is designed for 21 days and allows you to reset during this time from 7-10 pounds During this diet you reduce the amount of calories eaten by the use of protein and carbohydrates, as they include fewer calories than fat. A body to provide them with the right amount of fat, will get them out of its own reserves, due to which it will effectively burn fat naturally, that’s important.

The idea of the English diet for 21 days
To start a diet with the two “hungry days”. These days you have to contain your diet only milk or yogurt. Should not drink more than two liters British diet.

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