Estonian diet

weight loseSpecial Estonian diet is not a particularly original is dissimilar and does not require cooking complex dishes or acquisition of rare ingredients. This, of course, refers to the pluses diet. But the disadvantage of the Estonian diet was constant hunger and severe portability.

Estonian diet is very tough mono-diet, but the positive reviews of this diet, talk about its high efficiency. Daily for six days allowed to use only one product – the first day of the eggs, the second – cheese, in the third – chicken, and so on. Let’s look at the menu of the Estonian diet more.
1st day
For the whole day, you can eat only 7 boiled eggs.
Day 2nd
During the second day of a diet you need to eat 0.6 kg of fat-free yogurt.
Day 3rd
The third day you have to write only boiled chicken (about 750 g).
Day 4th
On the fourth day, all you will need to stretch the 300 grams of cooked rice on the water.
Day 5th
Menu of the fifth day of the Estonian diet consists of 6 medium potatoes (they need to cook and eat no salt added).
Day 6th
The sixth day of the diet completely apple. You can eat apples in unlimited quantities.

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