Diet for stomach and hips

Slim figureOne of the most problematic areas of the female figure. Nature is so we prearranged for us to bear and bring up children.Diet for stomach and sides, and a lifetime – a harsh necessity, especially for parlous women, if they want to have a slender, smart figure. After all, just relax for a celebratory feast day or two – and the extra inches around the waist and hips will not keep you waiting. But the essence of the most valuable diet for the stomach has long been described in terse warning:-“The extra minutes on time food in the mouth, in the stomach for hours and years on the hips.

How to pick a diet to remove the excess on the sides and belly?
Do not believe the promises of a speedy and stable effect, if allowed to eat aSlim bodyanything in any amount in the hope of a magical effect of know-how. All diets, leading to assured results and does not cause harm to health, based on the establishment of calorie deficit and aimed at normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.

First of all, give up smoking and alcohol. Definitely, we all know the expression “beer belly”, and he does not paint even the men! The remaining recommendation dieters for thighs and abdomen are connected, as a rule, in order to reduce caloric intake by the used products, as well as their method of preparation, often does not cause excessive appetite, but ensuring the receipt of all required materials.
Products should not be fat. Eat a boiled or steamed.
Food should not be too salty, spicy, and spicy.
Be sure to eat fresh vegetables as salads and fruit as a bite between foods.
Replace sweet pastries and desserts useful and tasty dried fruits, honey, nuts.
Drink plenty of water or herbal teas. Ideally up to two liters a day.
And the main principle of any diet for waist, abdomen and thighs – need to eat fractionally, in small portions, and the last food should be at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.
With observe to the calculation of calories to the diet, to efficiently and in a short time to remove excess deposits on the belly and sides and do not hurt yourself, you can either refer to a registered dietitian, or handle it yourself with the help of online services for counting calories .

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