Diet for a good health

good healthDiet for a good healthy – it sounds like a fairy tale, does not it? Trying more newfangled diet, every woman knows that a sharp limit of food or any of the individual components somehow make itself felt.
Harm diets
Profit of diets – a good relative concept, because all of the positive features of most of them end with the fact that a woman can lose a few pounds. However, no one diet does not guarantee that the weight will not come back, that positive part is not reduced to zero.

Harm protein diet, including the Kremlin, is that it is permissible to eat meat in any quantity. Meat – a source of animal protein, which means a person who eats on a diet and do not exercise runs the risk of oversupply of protein, which will result in decay and in the gut, and malfunction of the body at different levels.
The protein diet, and therefore, the impact of her life may be similar. Despite the fact that losing weight is registered for at least 30-60 minutes a day to give physical activity, unfortunately, not everyone complies with this condition.
Damage buckwheat diet. Buckwheat diet, along with kefir, apple, cucumber and others, is the mono-diet, that is, power system, which is allowed to use only one product. As a result, the level of trace elements is an imbalance: some substances become too much, and others, on the contrary, is not enough. This can be bad and the external and the internal state. Many recommend a multivitamin drink during these diets, but proved that they are not digested sufficiently and fully replace the vitamins and minerals, which must come from food, you can not.

Slimming harm in all these cases is obvious. However, there is a more useful way to harmony.
Losing weight in a healthy way
Weight loss with no harm is only possible if you practice good nutrition:
Is not harmful products: sweet, smoked, fried, and greasy;
In the diet include grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meat poultry, fish.
Drink an hour after eating;
Dinner at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.
In this case, you will be able to bring order to the weight without compromising your health!

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