Diet for a flat stomach

slimThe secrets of a flat stomach and remain secrets. This is where the fat is the most stubborn, and often even a grueling workout can not make ugly folds disappear, or at least reduced. However, if you stick with special food for a flat stomach, this problem can be solved.

Diet for a flat stomach
If you face any question arose about how to eat to get a flat stomach – it only says that at this time you eat properly, and if you continue to do it, and your stomach will be in the same state. So how to get a flat stomach by a short diet is only for a short period of time, some of the provisions of the power system you should practice constantly.

For example, remember these products and enemies for a flat stomach, and allow yourself to no more than 2-3 times a month on a small portion:
pastries, white bread, any baked goods, pastries, pies, cakes, mix the dough and meat;
fast food, fried food, all prepared in oil;
any foods that contain a lot of sugar – milk chocolate, sweet drinks, etc.

If you exclude them from your diet, consider that half the work is already done. The rest will be good nutrition more grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish and poultry. For dessert – jelly, marshmallows, yogurt. And, of course, food in small portions 5 times a day!

Diet for a flat stomach Sample menu for the day
System to be more clear, we write the menu for the day:
Breakfast – every dish of porridge, fruit;
lunch – tea without sugar, cheese sandwich;
lunch – a plate of low-fat soup, salad;
afternoon tea – a cup of yogurt with fiber and the fruit;
dinner (3-4 hours before bedtime) – rice with vegetables and fish (chicken).

As you can see, not necessarily sit hunger. It is important that each piece fits on a standard salad plate – this will save you from overeating and help make the tummy flat!

fast do a flat stomach?
If your dream is to get a flat stomach in a month, on diet alone should not count. It is, of course, give the effect, but not as fast as you want to. That is why it is important to connect the simple exercise – running , jumping rope, or twist the hoop.

Engaged enough 3-5 times a week for only about 30-40 minutes. Rest assured, a flat stomach and waist are to overcome a few times a week. Especially, twisting hoop or running in place can be combined with watching your favorite show.

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