Daily Menu for pineapple diet

pineapple dietFirst day Breakfast. 50g of fruit muesli and 50 g of fresh pineapple per 1/2 packs of low-fat yogurt.
Lunch. A circle of pineapple mixed in a blender with 125 ml of milk and drink.
Dinner. 125 turkey breast to extinguish oil with 100 grams of fresh pineapple. Season with soy sauce.
Afternoon tea. Circle pineapple sauce 1 tsp. Honey, 1 tsp. Lemon juice and 1 tbsp. Cream.
Dinner. Salad 100 g pineapple, 100 g of lettuce, 1 hard-boiled egg and boiled 100 g cooked, chopped pieces of asparagus. Season to taste with oil, vinegar and spices.

Day 2
Breakfast. 20g corn flakes and 100 g of fresh pineapple pour 125 ml of milk.
Lunch. 75g fresh pineapple pours 1 tbsp. l. Lemon juice and 2 tablespoons. l. Orange juice.
Dinner. Circle pineapple fried with 4 large raw shrimp and half an onion. Add a garnish of 50 g of boiled rice.
Afternoon tea. 2 cup pineapple and 1 tbsp. l. Cottage cheese, 1 tsp. muesli and 3-4 hazelnuts.
Dinner. Toasts with ham 30 g, 100 g of pineapple and lettuce.
Day 3
Breakfast. Piece of rye bread with a thin slice of smoked turkey and 1 circle of fresh pineapple.
Lunch. Salad 2 small carrots and pineapple rounds.
Dinner. 100 g fried veal liver and 2 cup pineapple with 100 g of cooked rice.
Afternoon tea. 100g fresh pineapple, and 100 g of berries mixed with 1 kiwi and pour 2 tbsp. l. Orange juice.
Dinner. 1 slice of rye bread with a slice of cheese and pineapple circle.
Day 4

Breakfast. Toast 2 slices of pineapple and 2 pieces of salmon.
Lunch. Salad 50g cabbage and a slice of pineapple, seasoned with 1 tsp. Sunflower oil and the juice of half a lemon.
Dinner. 150 g perch baked with pineapple and 1 cup 50 g onion and eaten with toast.
Afternoon tea. 1 slice of rye bread to cover 1 tbsp. l. Cottage cheese and 2-3 thin circles of pineapple.
Dinner. 100 g cooked chicken, 100 g and 100 g of cheese pineapple slice and season with vegetable oil and spices
Day 5
Breakfast. 2 slices of rye bread spread with a thin layer of butter, then cover two slices of fresh pineapple, and 2 slices of low-fat cheese.
Lunch. 1 circle pineapple and 100 g of apple mixed with 1/2 cup low-fat yogurt.
Dinner. 2 slices of pineapple and banana 125 g extinguish the oil, put the mixture on 1 slice of lean ham and sprinkle with 1 tbsp. l. Grated cheese.
Afternoon tea. 100g fresh pineapple, and 100 g of berries mixed with 1 kiwi and pour 2 tbsp. l. Orange juice.
Dinner. 150 g perch fillet fried with pineapple and apple, sprinkle with half boiled eggs. Eat with toasted rye bread.
Check the maturity of pineapple!
Fresh pineapples are green, yellow, and sometimes quite small. How to distinguish ripe from unripe pineapple and use the beneficial properties of pineapple in full?
A simple test for compression. If you click the bottom of the skin sags slightly, so the pineapple is at optimum maturity. In addition, ripe pineapple in a place where it is attached to the stem, is a delicious sweet scent. Also take note of the weight of the fruit. With an equal amount of heavier pineapple sweet and it has more juice.

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