Bread for weight loss

Bread dietUseful enough food for our bodies, especially for its low calorie content. “How many calories in a loaf pan?” – You ask. The answer is that the same as in ordinary bread, but the body to get the “bread calories” of bread, spends almost as many calories as is contained in this product.

Bread for weight loss benefit and that contain a lot of fiber. And as you know, fiber helps to rid the body of harmful toxins and normalizes the digestive system. If your body lacks fiber, high version of atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Bread in the diet
The best substitute for leavened bread, of course, bread. But how to choose the right, and which will contribute to weight loss? Then take a look at what needs bread in the diet. So:
Buckwheat bread more suitable for obese people, as well as for diabetics;
Oat to systematically use those who are prone to colds, has kidney disease and skin problems;
Rice cakes are recommended for people suffering from insomnia and having a disease of the nervous system. Wheat needed in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

Many manufacturers also can be administered in various breads additive that gives this product is not only useful, but even healing properties. But with the loaves, which have similar properties have to be careful. Doctors do not recommend to use such bread is everyone.

Another fairly important. Before buying a new manufactured loaf carefully study their composition. To date, some firms have been found to be using the “bad” additives, flavorings, GMOs, flavor enhancers.

Bread is strictly forbidden to give their children up to two to three years, because the body is the baby is not adapted to such roughage.

Crisp bread recipe for weight loss
Experts on health, diet and nutrition have long agreed with the conclusion that the most useful bread – it’s whole grain, preparing extrusion. That is, in order to prepare the bread needs extrusion machine extruder. Most interesting is that the manufacture of the product is such that the manufacturer cannot possibly add to the raw “harmful” like fat, yeast, sugar, preservatives, dyes. Therefore, it is extruded bread contains only cereals and grains.

Method of cooking is not so simple. Initially prepared wet mixture of grains, which should be in the water for about 12 hours. This is done in order to coarse grain shell became softer. After this mass is poured into the extruder, which is still some time at high temperature and high pressure, however. In such conditions, weather, soak the grains, instantly turns to steam – you get something like an explosion. Almost like preparing our popular popcorn. However, in contrast to corn for popcorn loaves are placed in a small container, in this regard, grains stick together and form a dense cake.

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