What Hormones Affect Weight?

What hormones weightBiologically active the body produced by the endocrine glands. Hormones a multi-functional effect on the body and are regulators of various processes in organs and tissues.

Hormones affect weight
If your body does not respond to many of the diet and to engage in sports, chances are you have hormonal failure occurred – and excess weight is the result of lack or excess of any hormone.

Which hormone is responsible for the weight? To this question is mixed. We consider several types of hormones, one way or another affect the weight.

Leptin is a hormone or saturation – the hormone responsible for the body’s energy metabolism. That is the hormone leptin, “working” to reduce or gain weight. In obese people, the sensitivity to this hormone is reduced.

Female hormone estrogen are the regulators of the female reproductive system, but an indirect effect on weight. In women, after 50 years, the estrogen level decreases, leading to a decrease in sexual drive, a slower metabolism and an increase in body fat.

Another hormone directly responsible for weight, called ghrelin. It is believed that the hormone leptin are mutually complementary. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone, which increases the level of food before eating and decreases after a meal.

The influence of hormones on the weight very much, but, in any case, do not use hormones alone, for example, inject hormones to decrease or increase the weight to get a beautiful attractive figure. Lack or excess of any hormone can lead to very unfortunate consequences.
Influence there any hormones for weight?

Thyroid hormones produced by the thyroid gland and are responsible for normal metabolism, stimulate growth and development. With insufficient levels of thyroid hormone a person feels fatigue, apathy, he lowered the thought processes, the inhibition of mental and physical activity. That is a decrease thyroid hormone levels decreased level of basal metabolism and weight gain occurs.

Another hormone that influences weight gain or weight reduction, called testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone, but in small amounts of the hormone and zhenschin. Testosterone have a positive impact on the growth of muscle mass and burn excess fat.

Realizing how hormones affect weight, do not rush to conclusions that it is the lack or excess of hormones is the cause of your excess weight. Please consult your doctor, turn tests for a particular hormone and only then determines whether you need to take hormones. Often gain weight with hormone want young athletes, not studied in detail the effects of hormonal methods.

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