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Fitness tipsMore People go to fitness club does not like weight lose tips. They know that it is important muscles to tone the muscles – is slender legs, high chest and straight back, which is very, very beautiful. But never have enough time, and the number one goal – to lose weight, here are the girls and click on the aerobic classes.

Scientists have discovered an effective way to both muscles tightens, and burn fat hateful. The concept is simple- it is necessary to minimize the time of rest between sets. And then the “wound” while training your metabolism will run in enhanced burning fat calories for at least another day.

Do not you understand? Then detail. Each of us has their own biological “clock.” They are metered in heart rate at rest, respiratory rate, refresh rate, skin, hair, nails, blood filtration in the liver, fat burning and energy for the benefit of others. In short, everything that is called metabolism. In this sense, one lives a little “faster”, someone a little “slow.” However, each exercise dramatically accelerates the exchange reaction. It would seem that this effect is temporary. In fact, the heart beat faster, and you are breathing hard, but how long does it all come back to normal? Meanwhile, not all that easy. In particular, the use of fat (fat burning) is accelerated to more than a day. This means that the faster you spent the accumulated fat, and those that you have eaten, “burn” before, as have time deposited under the skin.

One could argue that, well, fat calories after weight training burns more really, but by itself this win may trifling. But aerobics – is another matter. It “spins” exchange hoo how! With strength training, and can not be compared! Truth is there. Strength exercises, performed with traditional 3-minute breaks between sets, give the acceleration of metabolism half that aerobics. But the fact is the sensation that a break in one minute increases the rate of 1.8 times, closer to the impact aerobic session! That will allow you to tighten the muscles, and fat burning.

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