The Best Way to Burn Fat

burn fatMore believe that the 60 minute session of medium intensity – the best way to lose weight and burn fat. In fact, with an average load burn more calories from fat than high-intensity class.

However, a more important factor in reducing weight through fat is the balance between these calories and energy expended.

In addition, matters and what happens to your body after a workout is over. When class is built on the principle of interval load, you burn more calories per minute than the average intensity of training. Of course, you probably will not last that long, but the number of calories burned in both cases is similar.

However, the benefit of interval training is that it forces your body to burn a lot of calories even after a session has ended. You already threw shoes and pretty smile, goes to the shower, then to a sense of accomplishment to snuggle in, say, a movie on the couch – and your body for a few hours work for you! Due to this, the number of calories burned per day, it is much larger. Which translated into the language of your body means more than the usual day fat loss workouts.

High-intensity interval training is also good and that helps preserve muscle tissue, while the average duration of training intensity inevitably it burned.

But do not abuse such studies and to perform high-intensity Cardio every day. Alternating high and moderate exercise intensity or break them in time for a week. If you want to work out a few times not so intense, your sessions should last for at least 20 minutes, the body can go on burning fat.

The fact that the first 20 minutes or so you probably will only burn carbohydrate consumption over the past few hours. As for the intense training, you can see the benefit – and for fat loss, and for the general improvement of health.

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