The beauty of the female body

female bodyThe beauty of the female body? It would seem a strange question. This was so much written and said. Are countless poems about the beauty of the female body? in different magazines most beautiful women of the world body is shown in different angles for a hundred times.

The beauty of the female nude for centuries a source of inspiration for artists, sculptors and architects. But the reality is not so simple.

The ideal of feminine beauty at different times and in different societies differ. For example, in per-revolutionary Russia beauty ideal the nobility was slender, short, like a little girl young lady from merchants – the peasants – a tall, dense and physically strong woman. The beauty of the female body is defined by social role – slender noblewoman emphasized her noble birth, completeness widow – the wealth of the Firm, powerful figure of a peasant – the ability to work hard and frequent deliveries.

The modern idea of the beauty of the female body and sexuality have focused on the ideal of a certain average, driven by fashion magazines more than a necessity. Women are often complex because of the fact that their appearance does not correspond to a certain stereotype. While in real life, men often stopped admiring gaze not on formulaic beauty, like a doll from the “Children’s World”, and the woman is not a Hollywood model.

The beauty of the female body – the concept is very subjective. The most beautiful woman’s body today – is often a beautiful sporty female body. Therefore, for the modern woman exercise, fitness, swimming – not a fad, but a way to keep your figure in the right form.

Every woman can change your body for the better. Many believe that the fat woman – unattractive. In fact, the beauty of the female body is less dependent on the completeness or thinness. Discourages the male gaze is not completeness, and friability and untidy. Similarly, in another case: a beautiful woman’s body Pumped incomparably attractive haggard unwholesome diet to the point of anorexia.

Needless to say, slim, smart woman is good. The most beautiful woman’s body – not 90-60-90, but a well-organized and well-maintained. First – it is clear, and what it means to the last? This means that a woman can hide flaws and emphasize the dignity and working on the adjustment of the shape. It achieved through a set of physical exercises, properly chosen diet, cosmetics. Of great importance is the correct selection of clothes and linen.

Probably many have seen the series “Not Born Beautiful“, the heroine of which wretched stuffed into a beautiful woman. This is not a fairy tale – indeed, a very beautiful woman’s body may not be a natural gift, but a result of the labor of stylists, beauticians, fitness trainers, nutritionists, but first of all – the woman.

What to look for in the first place? The most beautiful female body parts – trained legs, arms, chest and hips. Their condition should be given special attention. The beauty of the naked female body depends on the condition and cleanliness of the skin. The impression of the best pieces will be hopelessly spoiled her unkempt.

Thus, the beauty of the female body depends not only on nature, but also on the woman. If a poet, seeing you begins to compose poems about the beauty of the female body – is good, but even better, if you do feel confident, beautiful and desirable.

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