Spinning monitor for figure

figureThe spinning is one of the greatest relevance has had in the last times. But why? As in most sports, the figure of the monitor is essential, and only you can get us since a sport or that hate it. Also in the case of the spinning, being a physical activity limited to a bicycle, the ingenuity of Professor vale twice, to get that class do not become monotonous and repetitive.

I’ve seen and analyzed many kinds of spinning, and of course, not all are equal. The difference between them was, precisely in the monitor that taught them.

First, to facilitate the teacher the work, it is interesting that the place where is located the Professor bicycle, is high compared to the rest of the students.

It has no grace that, among all the bikes and bodies, who are in the last rows cannot see the teacher. This would undermine their motivation.

Secondly, the teacher has to use a very powerful voice, even coming to use a microphone if required. The first thing for the disposition of the class and the number of people. Secondly, because always motivates a more forceful voice to falter.

Thirdly, the teacher must be active on your bike, i.e. Egging, encouraging, and pressuring his students. We must move away from the model of teacher statue. It does not transmit anything.

Fourthly, if a bicycle is mounted, it is pedaling. But there is the difference between a good Professor and mediocre Professor. The first ever will play with the changes of pace, get out of the saddle, even down to moments of the bicycle.

The mediocre teacher shall be limited to change the level of resistance and little else.

It is interesting that before you point to your spinning class, I certiorari of the style classes that are given, as well as attitude to keep teacher in its classes.

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