Smoothies for Weight Lose

weight lose drinkSurprised smoothies for weight lose is very effective. It – fruit, juice, and some other components that are whipped in a blender with ice and the result turned into a thick, delicious cocktail, perfect for a diet in the hot season.

Caloric smoothies

Almost any kind of fruit are low in calories – 20 to 80 units, depending on the type of one hundred grams. When you mix the fruit with ice, fruit juice, sometimes – yogurt or natural yogurt, calories increases only slightly. That is why it is safe to feast on this wonderful, useful drink – if you are replaced by their meals, you are guaranteed to lose weight.

In addition, the use of smoothies is obvious: you do not just drop those extra pounds, but also receive the full force of nature from natural fruits.

Diet for smoothies

Diets with such a wonderful treat, there are many, consider the most effective:
Rapid diet. If you urgently need to lose a few pounds, just discard the food in favor of smoothies only 2-3 days. Smoothies can be made of any fruit, with the addition of buttermilk or yogurt. The main thing with all of this – you should drink only one smoothie at a meal and eat this way for about 5 times a day. Besides smoothies only allowed water in any quantity.

Diet for sustainable weight loss.

It is believed that there is a need for a breakfast smoothie. However, if you replace them dinner, it will be much more useful. Diet may be: breakfast and lunch you just the way you want, but that’s lunch and dinner – this is strictly smoothies (best one – fruit, one – vegetable smoothies). In this case, you’re already in the first week to lose a few pounds, and so you can continue to eat as long as you do not reach the desired mark.

The best part – these weight loss methods will not harm your body, and help him, enriching vitamins, trace elements and fiber.

Smoothie recipes for weight loss

If you do not know how to make smoothies, it’s time to learn – the more so that this process is not a big deal. The only mandatory rule – you exactly need a blender. And remember that the diet excludes the presence of banana smoothies!
Smoothies with yogurt: berries + orange. Take a cup of blueberries or currants, orange juice and a cup of yogurt without sugar and additives. Mix all ingredients in a blender. Done!
Smoothies with yogurt: strawberry + wheat germ. Take a glass of 1% of yogurt, half a cup of yogurt with no additives, 5 large strawberries, a couple of teaspoons of wheat germ, honey. Mix in a blender. Done!
Smoothies with cheese: pear + spinach. Cut a couple of juicy pears and a couple of glasses of spinach leaves and add to that the low-fat cottage cheese. Mix in a blender.
Smoothies Pumpkin: Pumpkin + apricot. 6 Cut the apricots, removing bones, add the same amount of chopped pumpkin and as much chopped mango. Pour 1.5 cups of carrot juice, mix in a blender. Done!
Green Smoothies: kiwi + broccoli + spinach + apple. Finely chop the broccoli florets 4, a couple of peeled kiwi, large green apple, a handful of spinach. Add the pineapple juice or apple, mix in a blender. Done!

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