Slimming for Walking

fitnessMore people who have told me they have lost weight by simply walking outrageous. Aided in the diet, of course. Always take care of food, but we, who have not gone through gyms or anything, all I have done just giving himself long walking.

I have a friend who is a nutritionist who endorses this myself. He says that the body begins to burn fat after the first half hour of sport continued. Says to do two hours of walking every day is the best way to lose weight.

The case I have done, and now took 3 days walking between an hour and an hour and a half. I get exhausted, not if it’s hot it is, or because I’m not used to move anything. I find it amazing that I exhausted both by walking a sad hour.

I remember when I was skinny, who walked a lot. Once, came some magazine editors Bilbao on Thursday and took them to¬† walk. They arrived exhausted and with his tongue out. They told me if I come to know had taken a taxi. The road was about 20 minutes. I’m now these editors, I’m a middle-aged who cannot bear even one hour walking.

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