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Secret slim tipsThe diet does not fatten more. The Gym makes your skin will not remain colander and see your muscles in shape and weight loss. And you walk away fat and tones. These are the three golden rules to lose kilos.

Some were lowered very quickly and others more slowly. I have already said that I have no hurry, I want to lose weight naturally and unhurriedly. One of the things they say is that if you want to lose weight and then not go up, you have to do it very slowly.

Took a month to diet and exercise in the Gym. Currently I have 114.2 kg and 44.2% fat.

Discourage Anyone see anything right away because no progress, but not so in my case. My progress has been leaving Coca Cola, eating as before industrial quantities of junk food and sweets. And move. Before he could be stuck in my house days, lying on the couch or at the computer. Also, I see his face thinner and less belly. This way, the first month of life changing happened, and I did!.

Now we begin the second month, with many more enthusiasm and excitement than before. And adding walking. If losing weight with all this, is that something is wrong here!. I have a hunch that this month will drop some extra pounds. And the road between the 114 and the 84 weight now I want to get, will be shorter.

I hope this will also encourage you and set yourself to take away kilos. It is not complicated once you wear, in addition, a curious thing happens. You get the perched to do an hour of Gym and do not want to spoil by eating a burger and a chocolate shake. A pizza or kebab has 1000 calories, and a half hour ride is to lose about 700 calories. I think it’s silly sports to lose calories, and then win them again so dumb that way. Unfortunately that has been my life until recently.

As I said that, things should not attempt them, have to be done. Or that other important thing is to participate. Well, the fact is that I have decided to go all the way with this, and I’m happy because I played in a month.

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