How to satisfy your hunger during the day?

DietEat breakfast share lunch with a friend, and a supper give the enemy.” So says one wisdom. But many people neglect this essential item as a morning breakfast, saying that in the morning there is not desirable, and no time to cook something.

But even if in the morning you do not feel hungry, then to dinner body avenge you for such negligence weakness and low for work. Do not be lazy and hearty treat stomach nutritious morning meal, as it will help suppress hunger and give you energy for the whole day and the calories will only benefit.

Another great way of how to reduce the feeling of hunger during the day is split meals. You should not load up once and for all day. This meal only stretch your stomach, and soon you will want to eat again. Nutritionists recommend eating frequently, but in small portions. In this case, do not try to eat in fast-food outlets. Throughout the world, it is proved that the food use products from fast food chains can not. And even if you do not have time for a full meal, you can replace it with yoghurt, curds, or salads. This delicious and nutritious foods will give you energy and does not hurt the figure. Also do not forget about water. The more you drink pure non-carbonated liquid, the less you will worry about how to get rid of hunger.

But if the day with a good appetite still somehow can cope and eat a low-calorie and light food, then in the evening, most of the fair sex panic starts. With the coming of twilight existence in the home refrigerator gives soul anxiety and fear that will “play in the locust.” How to cheat hunger in this case?

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