How to combat hunger in the evening?

dietStomach sticks to the spine, around the darkened all sounds except grunts refrigerator, and on the television show just as luck would have food? All clear. Attacked you hungry. By law, meanness, it appears in the worst possible moment and overshadows everything around. The question as to blunt the treacherous hunger every day, millions of women are thinking. Many come up with really effective ways to resolve it.

After dark is a bit to think about human physiology. Nature design this weakness, a feeling of emptiness in the stomach and other unpleasant symptoms intended to encourage people to look for food.

The thing is that in the human brain, there are two centers – hunger and satiety. Responsible for the sensation of satiety second of them. To this center ceased to be an irritant one should chew, swallow and digest food. quick snack junk food will not solve the problem, how to suppress hunger. But what if the reception is full nutritious meal is contraindicated in the evening? To do this, it is possible to trick your own brain. Help in this product, the sensation of hunger. Consider the most effective ones
Water. As strange as it may sound, but the question as to fight off hunger in the first place is precisely the use of clean water in large quantities. For example, if you want to be filled soon and spend a minimum of calories, before each meal drink a glass of water.
Low-fat yogurt. This milky products not only reduces appetite, but also has a lot of useful things on the body. This is the best remedy for hunger, which is always possible to carry potable form. This is also the yogurt, a glass is the perfect replacement calorie evening meal and will not harm the figure.
Soup vegetables. This excellent advice how to overcome the feeling of hunger for those who spend much time at home. Cook and you can mix any vegetables. The main thing is not to add meat and spices, causing even greater appetite
Prunes. Small handful of dried fruit make this kind of brain work better and quench excessive appetite. But do not use it in large quantities. This product can exceed the rate of calories and has laxative properties. In a pinch, you can substitute dried apricots, prunes.
Apples. This is not only rich in iron and high-calorie fruit, but also a good opportunity to satisfy your hunger without harm to the body. Couple medium apples easily fit in any bag and come at any time to help in curbing appetite

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