How to breathe correctly to lose weight?

lose weightThe desire to have a beautiful slender body is at all, who they, unfortunately, is not. Yes and techniques aimed at weight loss abound. But as of this “dump” advice and guidance to choose what is right for you? One of the universal ways leading to a healthy body without the extra weight – a system of breathing to lose weight.

In real life, where the level of physical activity is low or absent, we all breathe the upper chest. Consequently, only half of the active light, and oxygen, of course, the body gets only half of what he can get. The conclusion is clear, is not it?

We lose weight by breathing when breathing deeply. Why is this happening? The more oxygen gets our blood, the more intensively burned fat cells – that’s all! And exercises that teach you proper breathing for weight loss are simple enough.
You should get to the wall, shoulders, arms, buttocks and heels pressed against the wall, do a slow deep breath, which rises chest and a long slow breath. Then take a deep breath, which inflates the abdomen and long exhalation, which compresses the abdominal muscles.
After that, move away from the wall with your feet shoulder width apart, while raising the arms up straight takes a deep slow breath chest, while lowering the hands-down – exhale.

The exercises should be every day, and to pay one exercise for 1-2 minutes.

Also worth mentioning about breathing during exercise. If you decide to lose weight to know not only how to breathe, but also come to grips with their health and appearance, you should be aware of proper breathing during exercise. If you decide to go jogging or swimming, breathing should be smooth and rhythmic. You can count during training cycle, for example, every two steps – a breath every two steps – exhale.

In the process of power loads, such as squatting or doing exercises at the press during the most muscular load exhale, during off-peak – breath.

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