Exercises for abdominal

ExercisesExercises for abdominal are relatively simple to make and it is not necessary as in other traditional methods to make a large number of series. It must always begin lying on the floor face up, with feet flat on the floor, legs apart and knees bent, placing the hands behind the neck, recalling that the weight of the head should always be held by hands that this helps make the repetitions and prevents tipping of the neck forward.

The posterior neck pain since many people make sudden or excessive movements that can cause contractual.

Once in position, you must inspire and exhale air and at that time raises his head from the ground, taking care that the shoulder blades are always touching the ground.

Return to the initial position by sucking air again and repeat the same movements of 5 to 10 times.

Whenever a work of toning and bodybuilding Pilate’s method recommended to go ranging from exercises as a way to avoid boredom and muscle to work always in the same range and end up getting used to leaving to produce the desired effect.

These types of exercises are recommended for those who already have some experience practicing Pilate.

Another Pilate’s abdominal exercise is called “hundred” (100). It’s a routine where abdominal muscles are working isometric ally or without abdominal movement after contraction, but we need to be careful when its people with hypertension because it is a routine that creates high pressure, guidance also the neck position, maintaining a position with which the pectorals is can look at without bending the neck too.

The Tuck extended, it is an exercise which is achieved work in concentric and eccentric, also making a break at the point where the knees are taken, paying due attention to properly coordinate every move with respiration.

A level is needed in the Single leg stretch high flexibility to carry it out since it is an isometric work with leg stretches and the Double leg is characterized by alternating concentric and eccentric work but more difficult than the previous one since they must not touch with your legs on the floor so that the abdominal follow a continuous work.

Finally the Fully extended side plank is a more localized lateral musculature with trunk side elevations, trying to always keep a straight posture, thus the abdominal muscles work isometric ally maintaining also a straight posture.

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