Emotions and overweight

Emotions and extraweightEmotions of can of cause a of set and losing weight. This of process is of linked to of the production of several of hormones of that of the determination of our of behavior in a of giving of the situation. For of example, in a state fear, anxiety or of excitement of the body of producers of the hormone of adrenaline, which of accelerates of the of metabolism.

Nervously, we sped off the extra calories, especially of when we of begin to of twitch, nail of biting, weaving, etc. As the result of research by Of American of scientists of have of found of that of people of being of more of likely to be of nervous of them.

Of course, this does not mean that weight loss should start to worry and get nervous. Long-term negative emotions lead to a state of stress, which causes the accumulation of excess weight and obesity. Everything in the case in the human cortical, secreted by the adrenal glands under stress – it promotes fat storage, unfortunately, mostly in the abdomen.

In addition, cortical increases blood sugar levels, leading to the production of additional insulin and weight gain. Needless to say that the stresses most often cause overeating and generally make you forget about the usual sports and active forms of leisure.

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