Dried Fruits for Weight Lose

fruits mixThe lady sitting on the diet foe weight lose¬†often in a bad mood? It’s not even the fact that they have much to deny you, but the fact that most diets forbid sweet. But it is this – the weakness of most of the girls, and the thought of rejection of goodies can deliver punishment. Easy and pleasant way out – use dried fruits for weight loss.

How many calories in dried fruit?

Dried fruits are rich in sugars and low-calorie food so they did not call it. Depending on their type, calories per 100 grams ranges from 200 to 400 units. For example, in dried apples usually about 200 calories, but in prunes, dried apricots and sweet Phoenicia 300-400.

That is why too much involved in this kind of product is also impossible, and diet of dried fruit is a replacement for one meal a sweet snack. Dried positively affect weight loss only if they replace a high-calorie sweets. If you do your normal diet, no removing of it, add another, and dried fruit – you risk getting better.

How useful dried fruit?

As we have seen, to eat nothing but dried fruit from morning until night should not be. However, if you once a day as a lunch or snack eat some dried fruit and support their glass of clean water, you will not only be filled in a few hours, but also enrich your body with a set of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The main plus to replace sweets dried fruit is that the latter is a natural carbohydrate and properly absorbed by the body. But the chocolate cake or a simple carbohydrates and sugars that are just waiting for the opportunity to settle in the form of fat around the waist and hips.

Now quite difficult to find any other kind of sweets, dried fruit other than that would be a completely natural product with no preservatives or dyes. That is why focus on this gift of nature, which in concentrated form should contain a lot of nutrients.

Preparation of dried fruit

Most dried fruits to prepare to use quite simple: just pour in hot water and leave for 5-10 minutes. The product can be considered ready to be added to food.

What are dried fruits?

Consider all the options of dried fruits, which are shown to feed for weight loss:
Dried apricots (dried apricots). Excellent product, which must be present in the diet of anyone who looks after their health as apricot is rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Prunes (dried plums). Due to its mild laxative effect prune effectively and gently helps to clear the intestines, thus further helping to lose weight. In addition, it is the perfect remedy for depression. That’s why the dishes of dried fruits are not only delicious, but also affect the mood.

Raisins (dried grapes). This dried fruit is often called multivitamins – so it is useful. It enriches the body is not only a lot of vitamins, but also iodine, iron and other valuable trace elements.

Dates. This super-sweet fruit helps reduce appetite thanks to a pronounced sweet taste. If you have broken, scattered or third – eat a couple of fruit, and you will feel energized.

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