Burning Fat for Weight Loss

weight lossLosing weight is a easy matter of burning fat additional calories than you consume. You have small changes every day and little by little (but safe) erase losing those extra pounds. Do not believe in the promise of instant results of the info commercial that you see on television.

Don’t be fooled by shoes, teas, creams, needles, magnets in ears, massage and diet, that promise you lower weight magically. If you were true, we should not see so much obesity when we went out to the street. Each person is different and unique, yet there is no miracle pill, that works for everyone.

To lose around half a kilo of fat, you must burn approximately 3500 calories above what already burning in your daily activities. That sounds like a lot of calories and certainly won’t try to burn 3500 calories in a day. However you can do it little by little, determining what you need to do each day to burn those extra calories.

Where to start.
(a) Calculate your basal metabolic rate. the calories your body needs to maintain normal digestion and breathing functions. This is the minimum of calories that you need to work each day.
(b) Calculate your level of activity, this is the amount of calories that you burn in your daily activities.3 Calculate the amount of calories you eat per day.

In addition, everything. Take your number of basal metabolic rate, adds the daily activity calories and then subtracts the calories that you eat. If these eating more of what these burning, weight gain. If thus burning more than what you eat, you will lose weight.

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