Breakfast for weight loss

weight lossEat breakfast yourself and share lunch with a friend, dinner, give to the enemy, this principle lived most athletes, nutritionists, and, of course, the health-conscious, thus popularizing the only products in the diet of plant and animal origin.

A little neglected lunch and dinner, and talks directly to devote lunch, breakfasts, and describe how to combine food and what to eat to lose weight.

More physicians have long since ceased to argue that it is a balanced breakfast will help solve the problem of excess weight, and lack of nutrients for the body. What can I say, if the “Eat breakfast” metabolism by 5% of the average intensity. And a huge plus – is that all eaten at the morning meal is completely converted into energy. I think that you have overdue question: “and how much should be breakfast, so the extra calories are not accumulated in the body? ‘. Fortunately, you have until 10:00 am. Until that time, you can eat half of their daily calories, and the remaining “half” neatly divide the whole day, not forgetting that the taboo time 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Having determined that a low-calorie diet for breakfast does not suit you, talk to you on the most suitable products. Of course, it’s grains, fruits, and dairy products. Thus, the numbers of families abroad have long entered into your diet such product as Muslim. It is 100% natural, and useful.

Protein as a shredder weight
Also, an alternative to the usual cereals can make scrambled eggs for breakfast. Previously it was thought that eating eggs in the morning, improves cholesterol. Now this myth has long dispelled. Biologists confirmed that eggs not bad cholesterol, which leads to the deposition in the form of plaques on the walls of blood vessels. But U.S. scientists conducted an experiment where people who use the breakfast egg white, lose weight 65% faster than those who did not. So we already have two ways to diversify your morning diet. On the table – carbohydrates and protein in the body – 90-60-90. By the way, a protein that is found in eggs, can be found in other products. So no less useful – cheese, cheese, fish, beef and chicken. So that a variety of face.

Hot breakfast
Do not want to get around and the fact that the use of coffee for breakfast. Many of us, dear lady, are limited to the morning meal only coffee. And this is, of course, is not correct. As mentioned above, a full breakfast is the fuel for our body. A refreshing drink in the morning can be a cup of green tea, and well brewed coffee. The main thing is not to overdo it with only a daily dosage. After all, no matter what, but the exceeded dose of caffeine in the body will only increase your appetite, and all our talk about breakfasts for weight loss will be reduced to nothing. And we do not exactly want.
Proper breakfast for weight loss
All that we eat – is reflected visually. Righter says, “We – that is what we eat.” And with the right mix of food and the time of supply, we can achieve the perfect harmony of the soul with the body.

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