A few extra pounds just one a good swim

Fitness for swimWhat is swim? Swimming is an ideal workout. It does not cause static loads and very gentle on the joints. Forces to work many muscles and strengthens the cardiovascular, lymphatic and autonomic system.

Stimulates the exchange of gases in the lungs and improves immunity. Which is very nice, replaces massage parlors, especially in the case of sea water with its high concentration of natural salts. But most importantly – swimming suits to lose weight and get in a lot of fun.

There are rumors that the swimming, weight lose is not possible. And experts say that for half an hour swimming burns up to 400 calories and the metabolism is accelerated by half. So swimmers spend 25% more energy than the runners, of course, if the swimmers, not drifting buoys.

If you swim a little better and the problem is to hold the ax on the water at least half an hour to have one of those “missions impossible”, then do not be discouraged! Take advantage of the circumstances and, instead of allowing your muscles just to soak in the water, learn how to work them to the fullest.

Arm yourself with the ball, rubber ring or a mattress – in short, that will allow you to not be afraid to go down no matter how tired or how far away from the coast were. In the first days of training start a swim at least half an hour, and gradually bring it up to 45-60 minutes.

The first 5 minutes, just move the water to temperate up, and then grab the inflatable your inventory and start working down. The scheme is as follows: 5 minutes footwork simulating crawl, 2 min rest, 5 minutes of simulated breaststroke, 2 minutes rest. You worked crawl quads, hamstrings and gluts, and brass to tone the inner and lateral surface of the leg. Last you will be especially useful if you are familiar with cellulite firsthand. Of course, the “rest” does not mean that you get the right to relax and drift: simply training intensity can be reduced and start to move in to make it your swimming pace.

Plus, the set itself the task of learning how to swim longer than you was able to start training. Gradually increase the distance, moving at low speed. Experience shows that we can do more than of themselves expect. We just had never occurred to at least try to improve their athletic performance.

Use your time at the resort as a great opportunity not only to relax but also to indulge in much figure. But before the holiday workout in the pool, prepare your body for more intense stress, the more that your pond possibilities are unlimited. Tired of swimming – collect the company and go to play water polo. Or go to his chest in water and attempt a run. From the classic races in the fresh air, too, should not refuse. 10-15 minutes of light jogging before breakfast will speed up your metabolism, so that after this charge will be at the table to give yourself some slack. Just remember that with a full stomach is not necessary to go swimming: water puts pressure on the abdomen, so between swim and a meal, wait at least an hour.

If you face a confront to lose weight, then make sure to it that during exercise the heart rate you was 130-160 beats per minute. With an intensity of 60-70% of maximum (define this indicator feels) per hour, you can get rid of 450-800 calories. If you know how to crawl, then change the way you swim every 100-200 meters, to tone all muscle groups of the legs, back, chest. If the water you feel confident, it’s time to improve their swimming skills. The ideal would be to schedule two “serious” swim in the day: the first (morning) – Sprint, and the second (evening) – at a greater distance. In the morning, after a 10-minute warm-up at a moderate pace, try to swim the 50-meter distance to the limit. Then, slowly, get over 200 meters and repeat the 50-meter sprint. Perform this cycle 2-4 times.

In the twilight, depending on your ability, try to cover the distance, focusing on indicators: 1-1.5 km in a decent pace that will not allow you to surrender before the time, but not complacent. In the time it will take the index is at least 40 minutes – and the need to swim at an average speed. If you are tired, take a break for a minute or two, turning over on his back and catch your breath, and then pick up the pace again.

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