Why people gain weight?

Slim TipsA lot of factors could play an important role and consequently charming why people gain weight.

Habits: Eating too many calories can become a habit. As in the habit of doing inactive actions like watching TV instead of being physically active. Over time, these habits can conduce to weight gain.

Genes: comprising overweight or morbidly obese are carried in genes and consequently would say that is something that runs in the category. Although families often share diet and physical activity habits, obesity continues to play an crucial role in their lives to share the same genes does addition the chances that members of the same family are overweight.

Disease: Certain diseases can cause weight gain or obesity. These include hypothyroidism, syndrome “Cushing” and depression. It is best to talk to your doctor if you believe you accept a health problem that could be the cause of increased fishing

Medications: Some medications can cause weight gain. Call for your doctor or pharmacist about the side brings about of any medication you are taking.

The world around you: You can find food and messages about food at home, and at work, in malls, on television and / or family and social events. People can eat too many foods high in fat, sugar and salt just for the simple fact that they are always there. Above all, our modern world, with its remote control, without having to drive out of the car to ask for junk food or so called “screw” and escalators, make it much gentler to be physically inactive.

Emotions: Many people eat when they are bored, sad, angry or accented, even without being hungry.

Although you may not be able to control all the factors that lead to adipose, you can change your eating habits and physical activity. And to change those habits, you may be able to improve your weight and health.

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