When you exercise to breathe

Slim breathe1. Training Press: Position straight, slightly bend your knees, and relax the whole body to the hips. Then pull your belly for about 30% of maximal effort, with a little pull the pelvis forward, lower back should be flat. Reach same blades to the spine, taking good posture. In this position breathe exhalations.

2. Lateral stretching: From the basic posture for breathing pull right arm up and lean to the right so that the body remains in the same plane with the pelvic bones. Hold down gently stretching Realized 4 breathing cycle was repeated three times with each hand.

3. Crouching against the wall: Get up against the wall, lean on her back straight and slowly descended into the squat. At the point when the hips are parallel to the floor, squeeze your hands in front of chest, palm to palm. Start breathing, have done 4 cycles, and repeat the exercise three times.

4. Push-ups: Turn your face to the wall, lean hands in front of chest, palms parallel. Press out of the wall and the point of maximum stress try to straighten the body, standing on tiptoes. Feel all the muscles work, and strive to make your breath: 4 cycles, 3 reps.

5. Squat: Stand straight, toes slightly turned inward, knees facing each other. A little sit down and start to put pressure on the floor as if you would like to split the floor between his feet, pouring it in different directions: 4 breathing cycle, 3 replicates, it is desirable to strengthen static muscle tension.

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